Dragon Ball Super Card Game - The GOD Rare effect

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game released a new Trading Card rarity in it latest set: The Realm Of Gods, the God Rare (GDR). The release of this rarity coupled with the the card featuring a beloved character like Vegeta has created a frenzy not seen for the hobby since the Tournament of Power set. The gold foiled SSB Vegeta, Unbridled Power depicts an epic moment in the popular anime further adding to its appeal.

The mystery around the potential pull rates of this card resulted in mystery and confusion, rumours began to circle about the rarity of this card with the possibility of only getting 1 GDR per 10 cases (120 boxes). On release no one knew how rare they were, we soon found out they weren't as easy to find as first thought... with the price soaring a few weeks after release from $1,000 AUD to $4,500 AUD seemingly overnight. Graded versions selling in excess of $9,000 AUD. Catching the eyes of collectors from all types of TCG bringing in extra interest as sales of the Realm Of Gods booster boxes flew.

This move by publisher Bandai was a stroke of genius, the recent release has brought all new eyes to the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. Interest in the upcoming sets are also increasing. The set print run (limit of boxes in circulation), incredible artwork and quality of printing capturing new collectors and players alike.

Bandai recently announced the new series for their TCG "Zenkai" releasing in August 2022, bringing back the God Rare rarity causing speculation and excitement for what the character it will be. As a Dragon Ball Super fan I really hope we see an amazing Goku God Rare or even show some love to Jiren & Broly as they are also fan favourites.

Lets see what Bandai can come up with, and lets hope it is simply beautiful.