As part of the PokéBox premium service we offer our customers piece of mind by allowing them to pre-order their exclusive products before their official release date, so you can secure your product.

We will only start taking pre-orders after receiving our confirmation of stock allocation from our suppliers to help secure your orders and to avoid any disappointments! However sometimes change is unavoidable and our allocations can be changed even after they have been initially given to us. We will do our absolute best to ensure everyone gets their pre-orders on time. 

In some cases however some pre-orders may be moved to back-order and can be cancelled at the customers request for a full refund if this does happen.

The following contains the Terms and Conditions of our Pre-Order Policy. Please read these carefully before placing your pre-order.


We endeavour to provide release dates on every pre-order product we list.

The Estimated Times of Arrival (ETAs) can be found on the relevant products description.

However, all ETAs are provided as an estimate and are subject to delay or change from time to time due to circumstances outside of the control of PokéBox. These can be caused by publishers shipping, supplier shipping and manufacturing issues.

We will endeavour to keep our customers updated with any news relating to their pre-orders as soon as possible. In the case of major delays we would refer to our Returns Policy where customers would like to cancel or change their order.


Products that have been pre-ordered will be dispatched or marked for pick-up as stock arrives in store and we can fulfil your order. Unless there is a specified retail release date predetermined by the publisher that we are required to adhere to. If this occurs your pre-order products will be available for pick-up on the official release date and will be dispatched accordingly.


If your order contains either a pre-order product and additional in-stock items, or multiple pre-orders with different release dates on the same order we will hold the entire order from dispatch or pick-up until the pre-order product is stocked in to our warehouse or the official release date for the pre-order product has arrived.

If you would like to split your order to receive stocked products immediately, please get in contact with Customer Service as soon as possible via email or socials. We are happy to split your order for pickup for no extra charge, however splitting orders for dispatch will incur an additional shipping charge.


If you would like to cancel your pre-order please contact our support team via email or our socials so we can do our best to accommodate your request, as per our Returns Policy.

All pre-orders have a grace period of 3 days from the time of order for a cancellation to be made. All pre orders are non-refundable after the 3 day period has lapsed or if the product has been released internationally whichever is sooner. International release dates are not the Australian Delivery Date.

Policy updated: 29/01/2021