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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Dragon Ball Super Fusion World?

Dragon Ball Super Fusion World TCG is a collectible card game introduced on February 16, 2024, inspired by the epic world of Dragon Ball. The gameplay offers a dynamic and strategic card battle experience, drawing inspiration from the action-packed fights in the Dragon Ball universe. It’s fast, furious, and of course a whole lot of fun thanks to an enhanced offensive "two systems" design. 

How Can Dragon Ball Fusion World be Played?

Players can enjoy Dragon Ball Super Fusion World TCG in two ways:

  • Digitally: Play the official digital version of the game available on PC, allowing you to collect cards, build decks, and battle players worldwide. It follows the exact same rules and card pool as the physical game to create a unified player experience across both platforms.
  • Physically: For fans of the physical card game, Dragon Ball Super Fusion World is available too. Purchase starter decks, booster packs, and other physical cards to play with friends in person.