Weiss Schwarz - Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Fine Booster Box - Japanese

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Released on 2022/06/10 (Fri)

Number of card types: 100 normal types + 34 parallel types
SEC (secret) 3 types
SP (special) 5 types RRR
(triple rare) 10 types SR
(super rare) 16 types ) 10 types R (rare) 22 types U (uncommon) 28 types C (common) 28 types CR (climax rare) 4 types CC (climax common) 8 types 
Foil stamping sign card information Foil stamping sign cards by the cast are included! [SEC] Kiyono Yasuno (as Megumi Kato) Saori Onishi (as Eriri Spencer Sawamura) Ai Kayano (as Utaha Kasumigaoka) [SP] Kiyono Yasuno (as Megumi Kato) Saori Onishi ( as Sawamura Spencer Eriri) Ai Kayano (Utaha Kasumigaoka) Sayuri Yahagi (Michiru Hido) Chinatsu Akasaki (Izumi Hashima) Newly drawn illustration information "Megumi" "Eriri" Includes 6 newly drawn illustrations of "Utaha", "Michiru" and "Izumi" ! ■ Box benefits (planned) Out of all five types of box-enclosed PR cards,

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