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Released on 5th April 2019

SP (Special) 8 types
SBR (Sneaker Bunko Rare) 10 types
RRR (Triple Rare) 12 types
SR (Super Rare) 18 types
RR (double rare) 10 types
R (rare) 25 types
U (uncommon) 29 types
C (common) 29 types
CR (climax rare) 4 types CC
(climax common) 8

types All the cards included in this pack have card numbers starting with “S (uppercase) + 〇〇 (lowercase) /” , and you can build a deck as “Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko”. Cards from the following works are also treated as neo-standard categories "KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!"/"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". ・"Bless this wonderful world!" Cards with card numbers starting with "Sks/" can be mixed with cards with card numbers starting with "KS/" to build a deck. ・"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" Cards with card numbers starting with "Ssy/" can be combined with cards with card numbers starting with "SY/" in his deck.

■Recorded work, work number, number of types
The choices in my brain are completely interfering with the school romantic comedy: Snk 10 types
Bless this wonderful world! : Sks 15 species
New Devil's Contractor: Sst 10 species
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Ssy 15 species
Noble Witches: Snw / Silent Witches: Ssw 15 species
Masou Gakuen H x H: Shh 10 species
Problem children come from another world That's right? : Smi 10 species
Record of Lodoss War: Sls  10 species In addition

to the above works that are also included in the trial deck + (plus), the booster pack also includes the following works! Sky 1 What are you doing at the end of the day? Are you busy? Can you help me? : Ssk Type 1 Combatants are dispatched! : Ssh 1 kind Shave the beard. And pick up a high school girl. : Shg 1 type Free Life: Sfl 1 type Million Crown: Smc 1 type Musiuta: Smu 

1 type
Last Embryo: Sle 1 type
Rental Magica: Srm 1 type

■ As foil stamped sign card information
[SP], 8 types of foil stamped sign cards of TV anime / drama CD appearance voice actors are included!
Special rarity included in the booster pack "Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko" [SBR (Sneaker Bunko Rare)] includes 10 types of foil-stamped signature cards by authors and
illustrators!! [The choices in my brain are completely interfering with the school romantic comedy] <SP> Chocolat Kaori Sadowara (chocolat role) <SBR> Furano Yukihira Author: Takeru Kasukabe Illustrator: Yukio [Blessings in this wonderful world ] of! ] <SP> Megumin Rie Takahashi (role of Megumin) <SBR> Iris <SBR> Megumin Author: Natsume Akatsuki Illustrator: Kurone Mishima [Contractor of Sister New Devil] <SP> Mio Naruse Ayaka Asai (Mio Naruse) <SBR> Yuki Nonaka Author: Tsutohito Uesu Illustrator: Nekosuke Okuma (Nitroplus) [The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya]

<SP> Haruhi Suzumiya
Aya Hirano (role of Haruhi Suzumiya)

<SBR> Mikuru Asahina
<SBR> Yuki Nagato
Author: Ryu Tanigawa

Noizi Ito [Noble Witches]
<SP> Naka Kuroda Eriko
Nakamura (Naka Kuroda) Role)

<SBR> Heinrike Prinzsin zu Sayn Wittgenstein
Author: Hidehisa Minamibo
Illustrator: Fumikane Shimada

[Masou Gakuen H×H]
<SP> Chidorigafuchi Aine
Kageyama Akari (Chidorigafuchi) Aine)

<SBR> Chidorigafuchi Aine & Hidan Kizuna
Author: Masamune Kuji
Illustrator: Hisasi

[Problem children are coming from another world, right? ]
<SP> Black Rabbit
Iori Nomizu (role of black rabbit)

<SBR> Asuka Kuon
Author: Taro Tatsunoko

Yumi Amano [Record of Lodoss War]
<SP> Deedlit
Yumi Touma (role of Deedlit)

<SBR > > Deedlit & Parn
Author: Ryo Mizuno
Illustrator: Hidari

Hidari Box benefits
One of the 6 types of PR cards included in the box is randomly included in the box!
* There is no plan to include it in the reprint.

SBR + 1 campaign!! <First time limited carton inclusion privilege> One of the 10 types of cards
of special rarity [SBR (Sneaker Bunko Rare)] only for Sneaker Bunko will be included in the carton as a first time limited privilege !! 1

It is a very gorgeous card with a foil-stamped signature of the author and illustrator of the recorded work
This privilege is included in the blind pack.

New prizes for the gold and silver campaign
"Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko" will be

Box Details:

  • 1 pack of 9 cards

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