Weiss Schwarz - Azur Lane ver. Union Trial Deck - Japanese

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Release Date: 16th December 2022

Pre-constructed deck containing 50 cards

Quick manual, deck manual, play mat included

■ Special card information
One of the 50 cards is a glowing holo card!
moreover···! One of the special specification cards will always be included in the deck!

<Special specification card>
・ [RRR] Luxury RRR specification card: 16 types
・ [SP] Leading voice actor foil stamping sign card: 4 types

 Starring voice actor foil stamping sign card information
  Yui Ishikawa (role of Enterprise)
  Asuka Ito (role of San Diego)
  Taka Minami Hashi (as Baltimore)
  Maria Naganawa (as Laffey)

Scheduled recording characters
Enterprise, Gridley, Craven, South Dakota, Saratoga, San Diego, North Carolina, Hammann, Helena, Benson, Hornet, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Yorktown, Laffey, long island
Box Details
  • Pre Built Deck with over 50 cards

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