One Piece Card Game - Kingdoms of Intrigue OP-04 Booster Box Sealed Case (12 Boxes) - English

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Release Date: 22nd September 2023

In addition to the Alt-Art cards that have proved popular in past packs, this pack features the new themed Alt-Art cards introduced int he previous product release. Their designs are unified under a single theme, enhancing the desirability of this product for collectors.

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Unravel the Mysteries with the Kingdom of Intrigue Sealed Case Booster Box English

A Collector's Delight

Each Kingdom of Intrigue sealed case booster box English contains a plethora of cards that dive deep into the story arcs, iconic battles, and intriguing plots of One Piece. From familiar faces to unexpected twists, discover the world of One Piece like never before.

Unmatched Quality and Authenticity

Every One Piece op-04 English sealed case booster box has been curated to ensure the authenticity of the cards, providing fans with a genuine One Piece TCG experience.

Expand Your Collection

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newbie, the English One Piece Kingdom of Intrigue booster box sealed case promises to be a valuable addition to your collection, enriching it with rare and powerful cards.

Set Sail on a TCG Adventure with One Piece

Epic Tales Await

Each card in the One Piece English Kingdom of Intrigue booster box sealed case promises to take you on a journey, allowing you to relive Luffy's adventures, challenges, and the bonds formed along the way.

Strategise and Conquer

Beyond the thrill of collecting, these cards open up dynamic gameplay. Build your deck, strategise with powerful moves, and immerse yourself in the exciting world of One Piece TCG battles.

A Treasure to Discover in Every Box

Nothing can quite beat the anticipation of discovering a rare card or a holographic special. With the Kingdom of Intrigue Booster Box, who knows what treasures you might uncover?

Buy Your One Piece OP-04 English Sealed Case Booster Box Today!

The One Piece op-04 Booster Box Sealed Case is waiting for you! Loaded with surprises and stories, it promises to be a great addition to your collection.

So, whether you're chasing that rare card, looking to boost your gameplay, or simply want to own a piece of One Piece history, this sealed case is your ticket to an unforgettable TCG adventure.

Get your OP-04 Kingdom of Intrigue Booster Box Sealed Case in English today!

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