One Piece Card Game - Gift Box 2023 (GB-01)

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Release date: 27th October 2023

The One Piece Card Game Gift Box [GB-01] Display is the perfect present for any fan of the series! The set comes with five booster packs (OP-04) to give you a chance at some rare and powerful cards, as well as a stylish card case to store your collection in. Additionally, the set also includes one promo card from a selection of four different designs, giving you a chance to add even more unique cards to your collection. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this gift box is a great way to get started or expand your collection.

Contents include:

  • 5 booster packs (OP-04)
  • 1 Card Case
  • 1 Promo Card (4 types)

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