Monpoke My Milk Eevee - Pokémon Centre Plush

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Eevee joins the fluffy and happy cloth rattle!
The design has a gentle touch that is unique to Monpoke, and is full of charm!
Squeeze it tightly and feel it! A comfortable texture that will make your baby smile.
It's palm-sized, so it's perfect for going out!


Product code 4903447606902
release date Early October 2021
Size/weight 13.8×9.1×5.4:cm 40g
material polyester
country of origin China
remarks Target age: 2 months - In
principle, returns are possible within 14 days. For details, please refer to "Returns, Exchanges, and Cancellations" below.
※The photograph is an image. The color and design may differ from the actual product.

©Pokémon. ©Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

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