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Release Date: 06/07/2019 (Fri)
[Title category: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko]

■ Rarity ■
SP (Special) 5 types
FBR (Fujimi Fantasia Bunko Rare) 5 types
RRR (Triple Rare) 11 types
SR (Super Rare) 22 types
RR (Double Rare) 10 Kinds
R (Rare) 25 Kinds
U (Uncommon) 28 Kinds
C (Common) 28 Kinds
CR (Climax Rare) 5 Kinds
CC (Climax Common) 9 Kinds

■ Neo Standard Category ■
/ Neo Standard Category "Fujimi Fantasia Bunko"
All the cards included in this pack have card numbers starting with " F (uppercase) + 〇〇 (lowercase) /" , and you can build a deck as "Fujimi Fantasia Bunko".

 The number of recording types has been changed from 100 types to 105 types .

■ List of recorded works ■
 Amagi Brilliant Park 6 types
 Oda Shina's Ambition National version 6 types
 I like my sister but not my sister 6 types
 Is this a zombie?  14 types
 Student Council's Discretion      15 types
 Date A Live   13 types
 High School DxD   14 types
 Full Metal Panic! 5 types , 
types of Maburaho , 
13 types of contraindications and magic instructors 

In addition to the above works recorded on the trial deck + (plus), the following works are also included!

・ Kimi and I's last battlefield, or one kind of holy war where the world begins    
・ Do you like moms who attack twice with a general attack? 

1 type・ Sky Wizards Academy 1 type
instructor   ・ Anti-Magic Academy 35 test platoon   1 type ・ Tokyo Ravens  1 type ・ Slayers   1 type ・ Legend of the Legendary Hero 1 type ・ Chaika of the Coffin Princess  1 type

■ Includes hot stamped autograph cards! ■
Includes 5 types of stamped autograph cards of voice actors appearing in TV anime as a rarity SP!
[Student Council
's Discretion] Iori Nomizu (role of Mafuyu Shiina)

[Date A Live]
Asami Sanada (role of Kazuzo Tokizaki)

[High School DxD]
Azumi Asakura (as Asia Argento)

[Roku no Nashi Majutsu Instructor and Contraindications]
Akane Fujita (as Sistina Fiebel)

[Is this a zombie? ]
Iori Nomizu (role of Haruna)

■ Box benefits
One of the eight types of box-enclosed PR cards is randomly enclosed in the box!
* There are no plans to include it in the reprint.

■ FBR + 1 campaign !! <First-time limited carton inclusion privilege> One of all five types
of special rarity [FBR (Fujimi Fantasia Bunko rare)]
cards only for Fujimi Fantasia Bunko will be included in the carton as the first-time limited privilege!
It is an irresistible card for fans with the author's stamped signature of the recorded work !!! *

The FBR card of this privilege is the same as the FBR card enclosed in the product.

■ Author's autograph card present campaign! ■
Collect and get the application tickets enclosed in the booster pack "Fujimi Fantasia Bunko"!
[Present contents]
We will put the author's signature and the name of the winner on one card prepared by us.
* Target works: 17 works included in the booster pack "Fujimi Fantasia Bunko"
* The card is a frameless design limited to this campaign, and the processing is normal.
Click here for details!

■ Gold and silver campaign ■
"Fujimi Fantasia Bunko" New prizes will be created
Collect "gold winning tickets" and "silver winning tickets" randomly enclosed in Bushiroad products and
apply at your nearest "Bushiroad TCG station"
Exchange for Bushiroad special goods such as storage boxes and sleeves!
Click here for details!
* This campaign is common to all Weiss Schwarz products.
* Tickets are included in the box only if you win. There is no enclosed ticket.
* There is no winning ticket included in the reprint.

Box Details:
  • 1 pack 9 cards
  • 1 box 16 packs
  • 1 carton 18 boxes
  • Card types: 105 types + 43 types

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