Disney Lorcana TCG - Set 1: The First Chapter Booster Box

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Release Date: 01/06/2024

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Begin your magical journey into the Disney universe with The First Chapter Booster Box from Disney Lorcana. Each box contains a curated collection of cards featuring beloved Disney characters reimagined in exquisite detail. Ideal for beginners, this set provides everything needed to start your collection and build your first deck. Unpack classic heroes and timeless tales, and start weaving your strategies with this essential first step in the Lorcana series.

This fantastical and collectible trading card game transports two or more players to the wondrous realm of Lorcana. Here, players become “Illumineers” and wield magical inks to summon “glimmers” - Disney characters shown in both familiar ways and as you’ve never seen them before. Players explore the realms of Lorcana alongside their teams of glimmers as they race to be the first to collect 20 “lore.” In each game, players will play characters, actions, and items from their hands and choose whether to have their characters “quest” for lore or challenge opponents to slow them down.

New Disney Lorcana TCG sets will be released four times a year. Each release will feature brandnew themed starter decks, playable right out of the box and customizable with cards from a player’s collection or randomized booster packs. Players can also create their ultimate customized deck from the ground up by choosing cards from across sets!

The first set of over 200 cards, Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter, will debut August 18, 2023 at local game stores and Disney Parks, and then more broadly on September 1, 2023 at mass retailers and on shopDisney. A wide range of Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter products and accessories (outlined below) will be available, so players can find their perfect fit.


  • Beloved Disney characters in ways you’ve never seen before!
  • Welcoming and engaging gameplay for casual players or those new to trading cards games, with enough strategic depth for those looking for more competitive play.
  • More than 200 original pieces of Disney art in every set.
  • Six magical inks to choose from, each with its own flavor: Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Steel. Decks can include up to two inks.
  • Age: 8+
  • Players: 2+
  • Time: 20 minutes for a 2-player game.


Each Booster Box Contains 24x Booster Pack

Each pack contains 12 randomized cards including:
• (1) foil card of random rarity
• (2) rare (or higher rarity) cards
• (3) uncommon cards
• (6) common cards

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