Weiss Schwarz - Marvel Premium Booster - Japanese

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Released on 2023/02/17 (Fri)
[Title classification: MARVEL / Work number: MAR]

Number of card types: N (normal) 30 types + IFP (Infinity Parallel) 30 types + SP (Special) 30 types
-From the Marvel Cinematic Universe [INFINITY SAGA], cards using poster art and visual art appear in Weiss Schwarz!

Each pack contains a glittering foil-stamped card (IFP or SP)!

In addition, the SP (special) card uses a special frame and isa luxurious card with the logo and icon of the work stamped!

Box Details:
  • 1 pack containing 2 pieces
  • 1 box 6 packs
  • 1 carton 30 boxes

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