DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME Masters Zenkai Series EX Set 08 LEGEND OF THE DRAGON BALLS [DBS-B25] Sealed Case 12x Booster Box

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Release Date: 12th July 2024

Introducing the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Masters Zenkai Series EX Set 08 Booster Display! Commemorating the 7th anniversary, this set brings two exciting campaigns. Unveiling 7 limited edition cards exclusive to this anniversary and featuring 4 Special Rare Cards (SCRs) available solely in this collection.

Breaking tradition, discover two types of God Rare Cards (GDRs), including a unique 7th anniversary edition. Dive into the realm of Special Leader Rares carried over from the previous set, showcasing beloved characters in stunning new alt-art designs.

Enhancing the "Z-Unison" introduced in the prior set, this edition expands its capabilities for broader Z-Deck gameplay. Elevate your strategies with enhanced Z-Unison, allowing for versatile use across various scenarios.

Experience the next level of Dragon Ball Super Card Game excitement with this new booster display!

Each booster display includes 24 booster packs
Each booster pack includes 12 cards

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