Weiss Schwarz - Project Sekai Colourful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku Booster Pack - Japanese

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Released on 2022/02/11 (Fri)
[Title category: Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku / Opus number: PJS]

Card types: Normal 108 types + Parallel 105 types (planned)
■ Rarity (planned)
SSP (super special) 26 types
VR (visual rare) 27 types
RRR (triple rare) 21 types
SR (super rare) 31 types
—————————————————— ——
RR (Double Rare) 11 Kinds
R (Rare) 21 Kinds
U (Uncommon) 27 Kinds
C (Common) 28 Kinds
CC (Climax Common) 21 Kinds ■ Foil Stamping

Sign Card Information
Includes gorgeous cards with "character names" and "character lines" stamped on them!
Saki Fujita (Hatsune Miku Original CV)
Asami Shimoda (Rin Kagami, Ren Kagami Original CV)
Yu Asakawa (Megurine Luka Original CV)
Meiko Waigo (MEIKO Original CV)
Naoto Fuga (KAITO Original CV ) )
Ruriko Noguchi ( role of Ichika Hoshino) Hanari Isobe (
role of Saki Tenma)
Reina Ueda (role of Honami Mochizuki) Yuki Nakajima (role of Shiho Hinomori) Yui Ogura (role of Minori
Hanari) Maysuke Yoshioka (role of Kiriya ) Haruka) Ai Furuhata (Airi Momoi) Rina Honnizumi (Shizuku Hinomori)
Akina (role of Kohane Kozuzawa)
Tomomi Jiena (role of Anzu Shiraishi)
Fumiya Imai (role of Akihito Shinonome)
Kento Ito (role of Fumiya Aoyagi)
Daisuke Hirose (role of Tsukasa Tenma)
Hina Kino (role of Tsukasa Tenma)
Machico (role of Nene Kusanagi ) Junichi
Toki (
role of Kamidai) Tomori Kusunoki (role of Kanade Yoisaki) Rui
Tanabe (role of Mafuyu Asahina)
Minori Suzuki (role of Ena Shinonome)
Hinata Sato Mr. (as Mizuki Akiyama)

■ Box benefits
Box-enclosed One of all five PR cards (planned) is randomly enclosed in the box!
* Encapsulation in the reprint is undecided.

■ Gold and Silver Campaign
Collect the "gold winning tickets" randomly enclosed in this product
and exchange them for Bushiroad special goods such as storage boxes and sleeves by applying at the "Bushiroad TCG Station"!
Click here for details!
* This campaign is common to all Weiss Schwarz products.
* Tickets are enclosed in the box only if you win. There is no enclosed ticket.
* There is no winning ticket included in the reprint.

■ Special first
-come-first-served card The first-come-first-served card (1 set of 2) with the original design of this product is rarely included in the BOX!
* Encapsulation in the reprint is undecided.
* The first and second attack cards will be added to the prizes of the gold and silver campaign.
Box Details:
  • 1 pack 9 cards
  • 1 box 16 packs
  • 1 carton 18 boxes

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